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Personal Use ART Commissions Terms of Service

 As of 26th September, 2023


By applying for a commission, you are agreeing to the following terms between you the client, and I the artist

Please read carefully, and direct any questions to:


  • You the client, agrees they are of legal age.

  • You the client, agree that the commission is for personal use only, meaning the work cannot be used for profit by the client.

  • You the client, agree that commercial usage of the commission is prohibited unless discussed and the commercial usage fee paid. For example: merchandise, streaming or video assets, business promotional material, and logo creation using the artwork are prohibited.

  • You the client, agree to not use the artwork for anything related to AI artwork generators, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

  • You the client, may display the completed commission on external websites as long as credit linking back to the artist’s website or social media is clearly visible.

  • You the client, may not claim the commission as your own work.

  • You the client, may not edit or modify the completed commission without permission from the artist. Edits of the artwork in terms of cropping, transparency changes, or adding text are allowed without permission being required.

  • You the client, will receive a full resolution .png file of the completed artwork. You will not receive the source file, and no physical goods will be shipped.


  • I the artist, retain the rights to the artwork created for the client.

  • I the artist, retains the rights to use the work for my portfolio and as an example for my services.

  • I the artist, reserve the rights to refuse or terminate a commission request at my discretion.

  • If a commission is terminated by the artist, the client will receive a full refund if any payment has been made.


  • The payment is required to be sent within 48 hours in full after the concept sketch has been approved. If not paid, the slot shall be relinquished to another client. If the client needs more time, please let me know beforehand.

  • Payment plans can be discussed, however the client must notify me in their application. Any files will not be sent to the client until the full payment has been made.

  • The payment is in USD, through Ko-Fi.

  • Refunds will not be available after the commission is complete.

  • If the client cancels the project, refunds will only be for the amount of work not completed.

  • Forced refund via chargeback is prohibited and will result in a permanent blacklisting and public PSA (Public Service Announcement) made on the client.

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